Learning Affinity Designer and Basic graphical design


Affinity Tutorials

Envato TUTS+

  1. Introduction
    0:00 1.1 Affinity Designer Quick Start

  2. Vector Persona
    0:58 2.1 Creating Curves
    3:42 2.2 Adding, Deleting and Connecting Nodes
    8:45 2.3 Node Types and Pen Drawing Modes
    13:52 2.4 Using the Corner Tool
    17:08 2.5 How to Power Duplicate”
    19:57 2.6 Real-Time Embedded Object Editing
    24:09 2.7 Painting With Vectors

  3. Interface
    27:55 3.1 Transforming Objects
    31:27 3.2 Split-Screen View With Slider
    33:44 3.3 Understanding the Layers Panel
    40:49 3.4 Using the Guides Manager
    43:40 3.5 Tip: Rearranging Studio Panels
    45:52 3.6 How to Set Up Grids
    49:15 3.7 How to Set Up Snapping

  4. Color, Fill and Stroke
    51:52 4.1 Working With Fills
    56:50 4.2 Working With Strokes
    1:00:01 4.3 Color Selection and Copy Paste Hexcodes
    1:03:33 4.4 Extracting Color Palettes
    1:05:50 4.5 Generating Color Chords
    1:09:36 4.6 Define and Edit Gradients
    1:14:38 4.7 Using the Transparency Tool

  5. Pixel Persona
    1:18:08 5.1 Pixel Persona and Pixel Brushes
    1:22:16 5.2 Pixel Tool

  6. Interactions Between Shapes
    1:25:50 6.1 Using Boolean Functions
    1:30:27 6.2 Masking and Clipping

  7. Effects, Styles, Pressure and Velocity
    1:38:11 7.1 Effects and Styles
    1:42:53 7.2 Velocity, Pen Pressure and Manual Simulation

  8. Exporting
    1:49:01 8.1 Exporting, Export Persona, Continuous Export

  9. Conclusion
    1:54:25 9.1 Wrapping Up

  10. Bonus Lessons
    1:54:59 10.1 Typography
    2:13:52 10.2 Artboards
    2:22:01 10.3 Constraints
    2:28:50 10.4 Symbols
    2:35:18 10.5 Assets Panel


Aaron James Draplin has a tutorial on creating symbols.

His symbols are here.

I started working on my own set below.

There is a nice feature in Affinity Designer; When I make an update to this file, This image is updated on below.
1:49:01 Section 8.1 Continuous Export


Logos I’m playing with

MeatFlag 2matoes

I’m making some of my favorite flags. Some little adjustments to make them fit my style.


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