Proxmox notes

Note: I’ve had a handful of images that require the host” cpu type.

e.g. qm set $VMID --cpu cputype=host

zfs - Add backup on pool

assuming you have a zfs pool named slow”

zfs create slow/backups
zfs set compression=lz4 slow/backups

add to /etc/pve/storage.cfg

dir: slow_backups
    path /slow/backups
    is_mountpoint 1
    content backup,iso,vztmpl

Promiscuous mode for an interface

Set promiscuous mode to receive all data for programs like zeek and suricata.

ip link set eno1 promisc on
brctl setageing vmbr1 0
brctl setfd vmbr1 0

credit: https://github.com/Security-Onion-Solutions/securityonion/discussions/8245

persist on reboot via /etc/rc.local


ip link set enp11s0f0 promisc on
ip link set enp11s0f0 up

brctl setageing vmbr1 0
brctl setfd vmbr1 0

exit 0

Create a cloud image template - Proxmox

Download the cloud image. Create the vm and import the disk.

After running this, expand the disk and create a template from the new VM

Ubuntu 20.04 cloud image

wget https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/focal/current/focal-server-cloudimg-amd64.img

Rocky 8.5 cloud image

wget http://download.rockylinux.org/pub/rocky/8.5/images/Rocky-8-GenericCloud-8.5-20211114.2.x86_64.qcow2

Jammy: Ubuntu 22.04

wget https://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/jammy/current/jammy-server-cloudimg-amd64.img

qm create $VMID --memory 2048 --name $VMNAME --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0
qm set $VMID --cpu cputype=host
qm importdisk $VMID $OSIMG $STORAGE
qm set $VMID --scsihw virtio-scsi-pci --scsi0 $STORAGE:vm-$VMID-disk-0
qm set $VMID --ide2 $STORAGE:cloudinit
qm set $VMID --boot c --bootdisk scsi0
qm set $VMID --serial0 socket --vga serial0
qm template $VMID

Import a disk - Proxmox


qm create $VMID --memory 2048 --name $VMNAME --net0 virtio,bridge=vmbr0
qm set $VMID --cpu cputype=host
qm importdisk $VMID $DISKNAME $STORAGE
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