Nearly all commands are in normal (not INSERT) mode.

My vimrc file is here


This is a super handy feature. Basically you can press q then any key, to start recording a macro to it.

qo starts recording to register o’, q stops recording.

@o replays the recording


qydt,dt,xj0q start recording; delete to comma;delete to comma; delete one char; down a line; to the beginning; stop recording.,0 ms,N/A,Dead,N/S,Dead,N/S,Dead,N/S,0 ms,TestServerName,0 ms,N/A

Then I want to remove the N/A and N/S

:%s/N\/A//g :%s/N\/S//g :v/\S/d


:sort u Sorts by unique lines (super awesome!!!)

Search and Replace

s = single line

%s all lines

g = global


Remove Empty Lines

:v/\S/d in’v’erse g!’; match whitespace that is not a space; d’elete all matching

:g/^\s*$/d This should work too.

The Power of g

gvim Copy Paste

:map <CS-v> "+gP Paste into gvim from OS :map <CS-c> "+y Copy from gvim to OS :map <C-v> p Paste within gvim :map <C-c> y Copy within gvim

v or V(for the full line) to select text to copy.


Pretty columns

:%!column -t -s ','

Up next Nmap Notes Logging Nmap nmap -sn <hosts> ‘’Note: this does not display vulnerability info’’ Something like this may work: Windows Hostname discovery APRS Notes
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