DMented zine for DMs and Character Sheets for Players

This character sheet is laid out to put some of the most commonly used Stats in prominent places.

The locations and text were pondered over for a while and should help move game play along and with a cheat sheet for Actions, Bonus actions, Reactions, and Movement We hope it will make your Roleplay a bit more enriched.

Couple this character Sheet with Form d20 (Included with this purchase) and you have a full D&D 5e character sheet.

DMented Character Sheets

DMented Character Sheet

Form d20 also included!

D&D will feel more like filling out your taxes with this new form from the Department of Fantastical Statistics Department. How fun!

For real though, Sometimes it’s hard to remember where some stats come from, this form will help map out setting up a new character and track some of the Features and Racial Stat adjustments.

Form d20 also helps with calculation of Stats like Ability Modifiers; Passive Perception; Hit Points; and Initiative.

You do not need to return this form to your DM by April 15th.

Each edition is a potential dungeon for a Dungeon Master to run. There are traps, puzzles, and enemies. They can be mixed in with your current campaign, or run as an individual dungeon. They were initially written for DM idea generation.

Mostly written for D&D 5e.

Edition Zero

Bummer… Your head hurts; It sure is dark… or is that a burlap sack which was once used for onions. Your hands and feet seem to be bound with hempen rope. The floor is cold and damp… oh jeez you’ve wet yourself. What do you do?…

DMented Edition Zero

Edition One

DMented Edition Zero

Edition Two

DMented Edition Zero

Edition Three

DMented Edition Zero

Edition Four

DMented Edition Zero

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