From mid-2018 until now

Free copies at kinkos

Hobo brings in a porno magazine


c3po nipples busting through suit on cold shoot


It was specifically stated. This is a walk in freezer, not an escort service.

Let me show you my portfolio…

oh. you were saying portfolio but you meant testicle


#2 in a bag (literally a carved numeral 2 in a bag, not dog poop)

hanging out with armenians

visuzishu translates to someone who has a propensity for comedy because of a physical trait (e.g. fat guys are funnier)

behind a hidden door there is a magical hidden aquatic realm

Someone was stealing the magical fishpond from the wave pool in the magic hidden realm.

Drawing hamsters

a friend’s brother draws ;he draws hamsters

nametags on heist

The crew leader hands out nametags for the heist.

ancient teleporter dream

military bunker built around ancient ruins bird statue on wall, raven teleport chamber teleport to a number of other locations with same military bunker setup

When you teleport the giant raven flies away with your soul to another teleport destination.

computer setup. used to authorize a person transport. authorizing transport gives a glimpse into this ancient society.

Reasonably priced guitar

checking out a guitar at a music shop. Brand:fibersoul Model:sexglare A friend said they are a great value.

Identity Theft

Parents were at the hotel. They were being impersonated by Russians. The Russians had really bad wigs. And they had infiltrated Hotel staff. There were car chases. And we went to a church. The organ had a tiny piano inside of it. Somehow three Russians tracked us down to the church. The activity box” had a bow and arrow in it and I shot at the Russians then I woke up.

Fell back to sleep Went back into the dream

The Russians” were actually demons, evidently demons have Russian accents.

DJ shinsplints

Dj ksplit Split with a k Dj Skin splints Dj shinsplints

GMO Asian Pears

Had a dream with Asian pears that were genetically modified when bundled they would roll to their next destination

T-Rex goes into a guitar store.

T-Rex goes into a guitar store.

The T-Rex asks for a specific guitar and spouts off a bunch of guitar lingo, gets the guitar plugged in asks if anybody else wants to shred with him. He has a little trouble with getting the strap around his neck and asks for help.

Man my dreams are weird.

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