I’ve been digging into welding knowledge lately.

Learn to Weld: Beginning MIG Welding and Metal Fabrication Basics Hardcover – by Stephen Christena has been a good book resource for getting started.

YouTube: TimWelds has been a solid video resource covering nearly any question I had within a few minutes.

One thing I need to figure out is the power. I don’t have a good spot to plug in right now.

Starter welding machine

I have a Dayton 3Z744.

The grounding clamp and stick holder are in bad condition on the welder, but it worked “fine” when I tested it. Found generic replacement parts so it should be solid for about $25.

It’s also missing a foot, I think a 2x4 will fit under it nicely.

My plan is to run through at least half of the welding rods purchased (a few pounds, around 50 rods?). I have a few projects in mind

New starter welding machine

I ordered a Lincoln Century FC90. This will go in to service once I have the basics down with the Dayton welder.

Accessories to get started

I aim to use a 240v connection from my basement, through a window, via a 30 amp generator cable. This is not ideal, but I don’t have any other power options without running new electric to my Garage.

Common Dryer 240v:

  • 10-30p to 14-30r (I’m trying to find a 10-30p to L14-30r with grounding but have not had any luck)

Adapt to Locking extension cord:

Split to 120v:

Accessories that would be nice to have

Stick Welding

6013 - All-purpose repairs. tolerant of rust but less durable.

6010 and 6011 - For industrial use. Good first weld where other welds will go over. Good for some thinner stock

7018 - for heavier stock, deeper penetration, smooth bead. Bake sticks to remove moisture.

Ac sticks work with dc too (research how this works a bit more)

Canisters to keep your sticks dry.

Flux-core welding

No gas required, welds easier than stick but not as clean as mig.

Mig welding

Commonly uses CO2 gas and/or Argon.

Tig welding

Commonly uses Argon gas for stainless steel.

AC for Aluminum.

Most Tig can also stick weld.

Some things I’d like to learn:

  • Upgrade stick welder with new electrode holder and clamp.
  • basic stick welding
  • Weld steel coupons and steel airplanes
  • build a welding table
  • repair shovel
  • throw together some sort of toolbox (bead/break/weld)
  • different types of joints
  • flux-core welding
  • mig welding
  • tig welding
  • Weld stainless steel
  • Weld aluminum
  • Build a removable drawer system for 4runner (Aluminum welding)