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Cast a URL to a Chromecast Jan 12, 2020 projects This uses a program called catt developed by Stavros Korokithakis. I’ve set up a simple docker image that accepts commands for catt. Source: System Design Cards Nov 12, 2019 projects A deck of cards used to mock up a system for instruction, discussion, or design. Any type of system. This System design deck comes with a story. My 'Zines I like Jun 26, 2019 zines & projects I used to pick up the random music ’zine when I would visit Chicaco or a few record stores in STL. Like 20+ years ago… but recently I noticed a sort DMented 'zine for DM's and Character Sheets for Players May 7, 2019 projects This character sheet is laid out to put some of the most commonly used Stats in prominent places. The locations and text were pondered over for a