I used to pick up the random music zine when I would visit Chicaco or a few record stores in STL. Like 20+ years ago… but recently I noticed a sort of resergence (either in my interest or the existance) of zines.

This is a list of some I’ve kinda fallen in love with.

@b0rk’s (Julia Evans) Wizard Zines

Command line Linux stuff. SQL; TCPdump; debugging; networking; strace; git; http. They are all fantastic for learning about the subject, or as I use them; refresh myself on something I’d learned in the past and haven’t used in a while.


Zedeck Siew - Zines of the Thousand Thousand Islands

Stories and lore from the east. The stories are intricate and full of twists.


Mothership RPG

Fantastic Sci-Fi horror RPG. My group has played mothership a dozen or so times and we purely love it.


Beneath the glass and steel

Setting zine for any sort of cyberpunk RPG.



Printing your Zine: https://maziriansgarden.blogspot.com/2020/01/so-you-want-to-make-zine-printing.html

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