Recommended Tech 2022 Jul 18, 2022 notes & computerstuff Updating this for 2022… Password Protection Web Browsers Laptops Desktops Antivirus VPN Entertainment Linux vim Use a password manager. Use Proxmox Notes Apr 30, 2022 notes & linux & proxmox Note: I’ve had a handful of images that require the “host” cpu type. e.g. qm set $VMID --cpu cputype=host assuming you have a zfs pool named “slow” Meow Wolf Mar 25, 2022 If you go. Go as early as possible. It get’s crazy busy around 3pm. I definitely recommend getting a Q-pass and the “Barsk & Solden alternative Financial Notes Jun 24, 2021 notes Laid out In order of urgency. Hang in there… This is like 15 years of shit I’ve nerded out on condensed into a single page. Put away at least $1k Cast a URL to a Chromecast Jan 12, 2020 projects I don’t really use this anymore, it worked for a while but became super buggy over time. I wrote a python script to handle things a bit better. Email List Dec 11, 2019 contact System Design Cards Nov 12, 2019 projects A deck of cards used to mock up a system for instruction, discussion, or design. Any type of system. This System design deck comes with a story. My About Music, Finding the good stuff. Sep 21, 2019 Soundcloud - Find some artists you like and see who they are connected with Locate music labels that promote music you like e.g. T&G or Zines Jun 26, 2019 zines & design & information Julia Evans’ zines are top notch for digging into the nitty gritty of the computer sciences. https://wizardzines.com/ Mothership shirt designs Jun 26, 2019 designs & logo Click on a shirt to visit my shop. I’ve always enjoyed looking at different logos and t shirt designs. There were tons of designs that I wanted and Now Jun 26, 2019 Blog about local food I wrote a book. Preparation Handbook Cast URL or Video to Chromecast command line docker Systems Design Cards Last updated: Learning Graphical Design May 31, 2019 design Designer Photo Introduction 0:00 1.1 Affinity Designer Quick Start Vector Persona 0:58 2.1 Creating Curves 3:42 2.2 Adding, Deleting and Python Notes May 27, 2019 python & notes & computerstuff Deploy to a Remote Docker registry May 24, 2019 docker & computerstuff & notes & linux I needed to spin up services on a remote docker instance; Configure the services and have them running in a minute. I plan to put up a full write-up DMented 'zine for DM's and Character Sheets for Players May 7, 2019 projects This character sheet is laid out to put some of the most commonly used Stats in prominent places. The locations and text were pondered over for a Online Security May 7, 2019 computerstuff & notes Some things you should be using if you happen to use the internet. I say should because I know of what I’m talking about. Been doing this a while. Find Notes Dec 31, 2018 notes & computerstuff & linux Find Directories: Find Directories with a lot of files: cd to the directory you would like to search in prior to 365 days ago: Example: Zip files Samba Notes May 30, 2018 notes Attempting to connect to a windows share, on a domain, in kubuntu 18.04 and I encountered some issues. (Note: ran into this in CentOS7, ubuntu Things worth noting Jan 31, 2018 notes & computerstuff Networking Notes Numbering Notes Temperature Notes Ports My Software Jan 31, 2018 notes Weather Stations gists on github
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