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Notes on Van Life Nov 4, 2016 vanlife I’ve spent 15+ years in the IT field and a few years back the company I work for adjusted their business model to include ethically (my ethics) Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04 Nov 3, 2016 linux & notes & computerstuff #Journalbeat Sending beats from journalctl (systemd’s logging provider) to logstash/elasticsearch with JournalBeat on Github Install required Installing Dropbox on Arch Linux Nov 3, 2016 notes & linux & computerstuff Note: This is an old article, It’s likely outdated. https://www.dropbox.com/install I Installed to my home directory with the Headless install. Arch Linux Notes Nov 1, 2016 notes & linux & computerstuff Just some notes for installing Arch Linux. see the Arch Linux Install Guide wiki for way better information. mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdx1 mkswp /dev/sdx2 About Knives, Mainly Sharpening Jan 18, 2016 S30V - Great for sharpening and difficult to corrode. Expensive. Carbon - Great steel for sharpening. They rust easily. Inexpensive, and you can ENS Environment Notification System Dec 16, 2015 notes & linux & raspberrypi & computerstuff Update: I’ve moved the server portion of this system to Elasticsearch/Kibana. No Offsite data stored. The ENS is designed for monitoring